Welcome to featherinthecap.wordpress.com; feather in the cap is an etsy shop selling, cards invitations and more. Here’s our story…

The feather in the cap story begins in late 2010 when Advertising student Stephen had grown frustrated by never being able to find cards that suited his friends and family. Armed with his Macbook and printer he set about designing cards to send to his loved ones. After some encouragement from those who had recieved his cards he decided to sell to the world…

Together with Rachael, her sewing machine and a lack of clear direction; Tea with Rachael and Stephen was born in early 2011. Following the moderate success of that venture, with a slightly clearer vision for the shop, we opened our etsy shop as TWRAS in March 2012.

In the following 3 years, as Rachael has become more focused on her vintage shop babygotvintage, it has become more of a solo project for Stephen. So after 3 years, 2 children, 2 house moves, 1 engagement and 300+ sales TWRAS is offically no more…

Say hello to feather in the cap…

We hope that you will join us as we embark on the next stage of our etsy journey.


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